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Changer le monde, un jeune à la fois


Les années se succèdent et sur bien des aspects dans le monde, se ressemblent : catastrophes naturelles, attentats meurtriers, tensions politiques, instabilités sociétales, et cetera … Au milieu de tout cela, des familles divisées, déchirées ou diminuées, laissant à eux-mêmes des milliers d’enfants qui n’ont rien demandé de tout cela. Nous avons la ferme conviction que chaque individu a la possibilité de donner un sens à sa vie s’il dispose du cadre et en a l’opportunité. La seule différence pour ces jeunes orphelin(e)s abandonné(e)s est que le cadre leur a été enlevé, et l’opportunité supprimée. Nous désirons donc [re]donner une chance à ces jeunes qui ont tout perdu. Le Centre d’Aide et d’Encadrement des Jeunes (CAEJ) is a Canadian non-profit charitable organization that provides a mentoring and social reintegration program for orphaned or abandoned youth who are unemployed or schooling, whether they are literate or not.


The vision of CAEJ is to supervise, train, and equip abandoned youths from disadvantaged backgrounds with the necessary tools and resources to become agents of development in their environment and for all. of society.


All CAEJ projects, actions or interventions have the main mission of :

  • Getting young people off the streets: Restoring confidence to young people in social / economic difficulties, by offering them a warm home that they have lost;
  • Raise awareness among young people: Broaden the perspective of young people by making them reflect opportunities for personal development and self-empowerment;
  • Inspiring young people about life's opportunities: Coaching young people, providing them with the necessary and appropriate knowledge, and inspiring them to set goals and respect them; by also guiding them in their integration into the job / academic market and social reintegration;
The fulfillment of the mission of the C.A.E.J. is materialized by the achievement of the following specific objectives:
  • Objective #1 : Provide a shelter that can permanently accommodate a growing number of young people;
  • Objective #2 : Provide occasional nutritional and daily clothing assistance to needy young people. This number will increase as our resources grow;
  • Objective #3 : Provide residents with minimal care kits, and a means of transport facilitating travel to medical and other care;
  • Objective #4 : Schedule hands-on conferences to help young people reconsider themselves and increase their esteem;
  • Objective #5 : Encourage young people to be self-sufficient in the management and maintenance of premises and in meeting their minimum needs;
  • Objective #6 : Identify the individual skills of young people in order to better orient their training and subsequently promote mentoring;
  • Objective #7: Offer literacy, social support and vocational training sessions.

The CAEJ plans to extend its vision and mission in a universal way around the world. Regardless of where it is established, all CAEJ initiatives share the same values and principles.

Our values

Humanity & generosity
Every goal or project of the organization is motivated by a non-discriminatory compassion towards all young people who have not been spared by life, as well as a firm desire to help them develop for the better. to be self-sufficient. We also want to transmit to them this outpouring of generosity so that they can become replicating agents to help other young people get back on their feet.

Patience & perseverance
We are aware that the young people who will be served in our programs have / will have lived situations sometimes beyond the maturity level expected for their age. To this end, the CAEJ intends to act calmly, benevolently and persistently to bring these young people out of their context and give them the opportunity to develop their full potential.

Our principles

Transparency & integrity
The CAEJ is committed to being transparent in its actions by demonstrating or being willing to demonstrate the effective realization of planned projects. As a charitable organization recognized by the Government of Canada, the CAEJ ensures integrity in the management of donor funds through compliance with reporting requirements under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.

Collaboration & achievement
The CAEJ focuses its actions on its vision of social reintegration of disadvantaged young people abandoned. To this end, the CAEJ aims, without replicating existing models of mutual aid, to surround itself with employees already fully effective in various related services that also wants to offer CAEJ (food distribution services, clothing, health). This contribution of expertise will enable the CAEJ not only to act within the beneficiary community through primary services, but also to achieve concrete results of young people who have been wandered and reintegrated into the community. the society.
f you wish to make occasional or continuous material donations, contact-us ! Thank you for your generosity.

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