Centre d'aide et d'encadrement des jeunes


The years go by and in many ways in the world, they are similar: natural disasters, deadly attacks, political tensions, societal instabilities, et cetera ...
In the middle of all this, divided families, torn apart or diminished, leaving to themselves thousands of children who have not asked for anything of it.

We firmly believe that every individual has the opportunity to make sense of his life if he has the frame and the opportunity. The only difference for these abandoned orphans is that the frame has been removed and the opportunity removed. We therefore wish to give a chance to these young people who have lost everything.

The Centre d’Aide et d’Encadrement des Jeunes (CAEJ) is a Canadian non-profit charitable organization that provides a mentoring and social reintegration program for orphaned or abandoned youth who are unemployed or schooling, whether they are literate or not.


The vision of CAEJ is to supervise, train, and equip abandoned youths from disadvantaged backgrounds with the necessary tools and resources to become agents of development in their environment and for all. of society.


Tous les projets, actions ou interventions du CAEJ ont la mission principale de :

  • Bringing young people out of the street: Restoring the trust of young people in social / economic difficulties by offering them a warm home they have lost;
  • Make young people aware: Broaden the perspective of young people by reflecting opportunities for personal development and self-empowerment;
  • Inspiring young people about life opportunities: & nbsp; Coaching young people, providing them with the necessary and appropriate knowledge, and encouraging them to set goals and to respect them; guiding them also in their integration into the labor / academic market and social reintegration;
  • Stimuler les jeunes sur le don de soi : Former un réseau de jeunes capables d’effets multiplicateurs, afin d’inciter ceux-ci à être enthousiastes à donner au suivant autant qu’ils auront reçu du précédent.entre

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