Centre d'aide et d'encadrement des jeunes


La réalisation de la mission du C.A.E.J. se matérialise par l’atteinte des objectifs spécifiques suivants :
  • Objective #1 : Provide a shelter that can permanently accommodate a growing number of young people;
  • Objective #2 : Provide punctual nutritional and daily clothing assistance to needy youth. This number will increase as our resources grow;
  • Objective #3 : Provide residents with minimal care kits and a means of transportation that facilitates travel to medical and other care;
  • Objective #4 : Schedule empowerment conferences to help youth reconsider and increase their self-esteem;
  • Objective #5 : Encourage youth to self-sufficiency in the management and maintenance of the premises and in the provision of their minimum needs;
  • Objective #6 : Identify the individual skills of youth to better orientate their training and subsequently promote mentorship;
  • Objective #7 : Offer literacy, social coaching and job training sessions.

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