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Nouvelles de juin et juillet 2020

Chers amis et lecteurs de CAEJ,
C’est avec plaisir que nous vous retrouvons pour un compte-rendu des activités de CAEJ en Haïti au courant des mois de juin et juillet derniers.

The month of June started off with a bang. We had to quickly set up a WhatsApp group to ensure the continuity of our interventions with young people, following the containment measures established due to the Covid-19 disease. We did not want to lose contact with these young people in need. Thus, with the help of a few volunteers, we carried out several virtual interventions with underprivileged young people in order to raise their awareness and train them on a few concepts such as savoir vivre, civic duty, sport, French, etc.

We also distributed dry food to 41 young people with food difficulties in Laspati. We took the opportunity to establish contacts for the establishment, in the coming days, of a mobile clinic. This is a big step forward in our service to young people, as we were not yet offering health care services.

Thanks to your donations, we were also able to obtain a new motorcycle. This will allow us to transport a few more volunteers during our activities with the young people of CAEJ.

At the same time, we have gradually started to prepare ourselves with the young people for a possible return to the classroom. In this perspective of academic recovery, several support visits to young people took place by the person in charge on site, accompanied by the organization's spokesperson in the field.

We kicked off the month of July with the government's announcement of a relaxation of sanitation measures. Following this news, preparatory meetings were held with the volunteers to plan the official relaunch of CAEJ. This is how we resumed our weekly meetings on July 23 in an atmosphere of reunion and conviviality.

Our challenge during the previous months has been to maintain permanent contact with the young people, in order to keep them motivated. Indeed, despite the establishment of a WhatsApp group for this purpose, the frequent blackouts, as well as the poor functioning of the country's telephone lines have greatly complicated the task.

Another challenge here in Quebec has been the inability to plan fundraising events due to government grouping restrictions. We look forward to being able to start doing this again, in order to fund our activities on the ground.

In addition to the relaxation of health rules and the resumption of sessions in CAEJ premises, two other good news should be mentioned:

1- The sale of one of our nine works of art at 50% of its value. This amount will help us finance our assistance plans for young people;

2- The donation of a used vehicle to CAEJ, by a generous individual, to help us ensure the smooth running of our activities in Haiti. This vehicle is a blessing given that the previous one acquired by CAEJ on-site had become non-functional. Our challenge now is to be able to raise an amount of $ 4000 Canadian to ensure the shipment to Haiti and customs clearance.

Your participation in this fundraiser, launched on the gofundme platform (and accessible on our Facebook page), will be greatly appreciated.
We thank you for your loyalty, and see you at the end of August for more advancement news in the field!

Your team,

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