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Travel in known land

October 2017: it's been a few days since the CAEJ was founded. We are actively seeking a first action area nationally or internationally. Through pre-established contacts, we get a loan from a building for two years by a generous donor. The building located in the Dumé region of Haiti will now have a foot on the ground to begin the fulfillment of our mission in this country.

From 24 October to 22 November 2017, a member of the CAEJ's Main Board of Directors is dispatched to the organization's registration procedures in Haiti. The steps are still underway, but that did not prevent the CAEJ from actively starting its implementation.

In this way, we were able to evaluate on site the scope of the work to be done on the building in order to start the activities of the organization. The renovation of the building has resulted in the partial development of an office, a cafeteria, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a large multi-task room that will be used for training and other activities of CAEJ.

Utility equipment was also purchased and shipped by container to Haiti, including: a 315-watt solar panel, a 3750 generator, three folding tables, 14 folding chairs, 4 batteries, an inverter , a projector, energy-saving bulbs, two inflatable mattresses, a fan, a power strip, a tool box, etc.

Our involvement on site also allowed us to build a network of volunteers and representatives to act on behalf of youth on site. In addition, bases of partnership with several organizations or entities could be established during several rounds of recognition, among others in Limbé where we have for example received the support and the promise of sending student volunteers of the Dean of the Faculty of Theology.

The acquisition of a transport vehicle was also made to ensure the movement of volunteers who have generously agreed to get involved, representatives of CAEJ, as well as young people who will be progressively forwarded to the Center when they enter. in use.

It is therefore with a lot of joy and expectations to fill that we made this first official trip. We have certainly to finalize the renovation of the building to make the premises livable, but we remain confident because today, what was then a dream, becomes a reality!

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